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Home Theater Gallery

Want one of these? Who wouldn't! We do theaters for fun! It's a huge passion of ours. We can simply suppy the equipment and install it or we can do a full custom install including building walls, acoustic screens, the sky is the limit. Just .

State of the Art
Built from scratch. Double stud walls, double drywall, green glue, linacoustic, wool carpeting, cinemascope 163" acoustic perf screen, Sim2 projector, mineral wool bass traps, anamorphic lens, Anthem/Paradigm AV equipment, acoustic treatments on all walls.
Theater at the Beach
Most beach homes don't have a lot of space for a dedicated theater room, so a spare bedroom was converted into a theater room. All wiring was hidden in the moldings in the room.
Former Recording Studio
Took the top of the line (spared no expense) recording studio and converted into a home theater room. Walls were over a foot thick with a double door system, state of the art acoustics, separate power transformer, climate controlled equipment room and much more.
Formal Living Room
What is nowadays considered wasted space, a formal living room was converted it into a useful room for entertainment. New additions included: crown molding, rope lighting, sound treatments, a false wall, acoustic perf screen and new curtains (to give it a cozy feel and to help with sound).
FROG Theater
Took the finished room over the garage and converted it into the "man cave". Knocked down walls, built new ones and installed the equipment. With no adjoining walls to the main residence, sound was never an issue!
Loft Theater
An open loft area was converted into a multiuse entertainment space. With seating for 12, the otherwise hard-to-find-a-purpose-for loft area, is now the favorite hang out of the house.
Dining Room Theater
Here a formal dining room was converted into a theater room. A false wall was built for the screen. Everything was installed in a way that could easily be converted back into a dining room.
Budget Attic Theater
Here the client wanted a budget oriented theater in their newly finished attic space. The goal was to spend as little as possible, while still creating an enjoyable space. They had a projector that couldn't be mounted on a traditional ceiling mount, so a hanging plexiglass shelf was created. A false wall was built to support the "DIY" screen I built. The screen was simply 1"x3" wrapped in black velvet and the screen material was blackout cloth. Screen cost? $70. :)

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