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Meet your unlikely Founders and CEO of O’snap Active Lifestyle, John & Najlah Malott. When we said we wanted to elevate people's minds, bodies, & bank accounts…we were not messing around. Since day one O'SNAP has been on a mission to change the way we consume nutritional supplements.

Start by removing the chemicals, fillers additives, sugar and fake sugars then pack premium, clean, vegan, high quality greens, superfoods, vitamins and minerals into our revolutionary, convenient snap packs. Providing nutrients you experience. Products that actually move the needle. Energy, fat burning, weight loss, better sleep, brain function, circulation better skin and DNA repair. While providing the systems, training, and tools for our brand affiliates so they can earn extra money while they inspire healthy living in others.

So whether you want to use our supplements to enhance your body's overall wellness or get plugged into our community of active brand affiliates, O'SNAP is here to take your life and your business to the next level!

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