O’SNAP Is All About Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, And Healthy Business Opportunities!

First, Let’s Start With The “What”…

Founded in 2020 when John and Najlah Malott decided to launch an all-in-one complete nutritional enhancement program designed from the ground up to give your body the support it needs to live a healthy active lifestyle. They identified 4 core pillars to ultimate performance…a perfect night’s sleep, unlimited energy on demand, complete daily superfood nutrition, and immunity supporting DNA repair.

Knowing what they wanted to accomplish, now they just needed a manufacturing partner that they could trust they knew just who they should call!

Lacore Nutraceuticals is the industry leader in quality manufacturing using HONEST ingredients in their state-of-the-art facilities that are in compliance with the highest standards in the industry such as the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

Together O’SNAP was born and they set off on a mission to create a movement centered around empowerment, contribution, and making a healthy, active lifestyle possible for anyone looking to live life to the fullest.

Next Let’s Talk About The “Why”…

The challenge was the majority of supplements out there were full of sugars, artificial colors preservatives, artificial growth hormones, plastic parts, animal ingredients, petroleum byproducts, hydrogenated oils, possible carcinogens like titanium dioxide and other completely GROSS ingredients that no one should ever ingest. Plus many of the options out there were inconvenient, messy, or required refrigeration making healthy living on-the-go more challenging.

Introducing “The Solution”…

After 103 formula iterations, countless testing from our research team of scientists world-class formulators, hours trying out different powders, pills, and gummies, a ton of taste testing from our friends and family John Najlah hit a wall.

“There has to be a way to deliver the highest quality ingredients for energy, sleep, daily nutrition, and DNA repair in a convenient way” they thought to themselves.

That’s When A Breakthrough Happened

Our scientists came up with something revolutionary…they called it a “snap pack”, and it was the perfect delivery vehicle for an active lifestyle.

Fun, easily shareable, convenient to use, and packed with premium great tasting ingredients that are not only powerful…but also pure, free from impurities, microbes, heavy metals, allergens, pesticides or any of the gross stuff found in other so-called nutritional supplements.

Excited they finally “cracked the code” John and Naj started to share the “Core 4” with their friends, family, colleagues, personal trainers, and anyone who wanted to dominate their days

…then something totally unexpected took place!

The O’snap Community, “Was Born”…

People loved the colorful little snap packs, they loved how the premium ingredients made them feel, how they were vegan, gluten free, non-gmo, dairy free, required no refrigeration, and how it was so easy to snap, sip, share it with friends.

A Facebook group sprung up. Orders started to roll in. O’SNAP’s 9 core principles started getting shared throughout the community. John and Najlah created a Brand Ambassador program with proven systems, training, tools so anyone who wanted the potential to earn extra money helping inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle could get plugged in and partner with us.

Our little mission of creating an all-in-one complete nutritional enhancement program became a movement that grew into a family of amazing human beings all locking arms together to create a better version of ourselves!

Active Lifestyle

Premium Quality

Convenience & Taste

Community Focused


Authentically Honest

Servitute At Our Core

Growth & Achievement

Backed By Science

Opportunity Is Knocking!

Unlock the O’SNAP Opportunity today.