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What Does It Mean To Be An O’SNAP Brand Ambassador?

One of the best things about this business is the opportunity to pursue it however you’d like, whether you envision growing your O’SNAP business full-time or as a part-time adventure, life as an O’SNAP Brand Ambassador means fulfillment, flexibility and fun!

When you get started, you’ll enjoy flexibility with your schedule, team management, workload, and earning potential! Instead of hiring employees, your focus as an ambassador is to assemble a team of like minded individuals that share your excitement for living and leading an active lifestyle! As their businesses grow, so will yours!

As an O’SNAP Brand Ambassador you’re supported by an entire organization of leaders who have proven that these products, and systems do exactly what they say they will! Figuring it out all on your own can be challenging, exhausting and sometimes feels nearly impossible!

With O’SNAP you’ll have the opportunity to earn as you learn. The strong team you create becomes more powerful with every stage and unlocks more and more ways for every member to earn and grow.

How Do I Know If Life As An O’SNAP Brand Ambassador Is Right For Me?

It’s simple! We’re all-inclusive, just like your favorite tropical vacation! There is a place for everyone here at O’SNAP. With 9 flexible ways to earn, and no-rules as far as how, when or where you work your business, the opportunity is yours to run with!

This May Be Just The Thing You’ve Been Looking For If…

  • You crave an income opportunity.
  • You enjoy living and leading an active lifestyle.
  • You’re looking to find, or expand your community of supportive people.
  • You’ve been grinding and hustling hard to achieve personal success.
  • You have a burning desire to make a difference.
  • You’re passionate about health, wellness and self improvement.
  • You’re TIRED of seeing everyone else live the life that you desire!

Did You Say 9 Ways To Earn??

Our community of leaders, ambassadors and raving fans with the potential to earn perks inside of O’SNAP! We offer not just one… but 9 ways to earn with a generous compensation plan, designed with you in mind.

Your results are driven by the effort you put into completing daily actions… and chances are, many of these activities are likely things that you’re already doing; like posting to social media, chatting with your friends, staying active and building your network!

Those are just a few of the things that can help you grow an O’SNAP business! But don’t worry… We get it! The idea of starting your own business may sound stressful, or complicated.

That’s why we built our ambassador success program, when you sign up as an O’SNAP Brand Ambassador, you’ll receive access to resources designed to help set you up for success, like courses, training programs, social media asset’s and more!

Say Goodbye To…

  • Stocking Your Own Inventory
  • The Struggle of Hiring and wasting precious time
  • Spending hundreds, or thousands on creating marketing materials
  • Designing a functional and cool website
  • Developing systems to streamline your process

There can be lots of challenges and expenses that come with running a traditional business. O’SNAP handles all of the nuts & bolts for you, from shipping and billing to client management so that you can spend more time living, snapping and building a business!

Nowadays, reaching out to others is easy—and natural! You can do it from the comfort of anywhere you’d like, as long as you have Wifi! That’s why our social marketing model of business bypasses the old-school retail channel and offers a fun, modern way to pursue an income opportunity, while building your life by design!

The Perks…

  • Opportunity to earn a generous commission on the products that you share
  • A Compensation Program with 9 Ways to Earn!
  • Entire Business System Including A Website, and Marketing Templates
  • Tools, Training & techniques used by top industry leaders
  • State of the art app, designed to help you grow your business
  • Pre Built Sales funnels & modern recruiting tools that pique interest and convert
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere you have wifi!
  • VIP Invites to Events & Incentive Trips
  • Monthly Contests for Free Swag, Products & Rewards.
  • O’SNAP Products & Gear
  • Interact with a community of growth-minded individuals, eager to improve!

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What Makes Us Different?


From the top down, your leaders at O’SNAP never leave your side! We’re committed to staying in the ‘front lines’ with our brand ambassadors. After all, as you grow, so do we! Our goal was to design a company that has 6 key pieces…

  • Top Quality Products

    Top Quality Products – Your health should be a top priority, we want to help you live a healthier, longer, happier life! Fueled by O’SNAP!

  • Leaders Who Care

    Leaders that really cares. Our Founders John and Najlah Malott have been in your shoes! They founded O’SNAP to provide a place where your voice is heard.

  • Generous Compensation Plan

    A generous compensation plan that allows you the chance to earn income whether you choose to work your O’SNAP business part-time, or go all-in!

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    Cutting Edge Technology making it simple, and streamlined to support your business goals while working from anywhere in the world!

  • Innovation And Education

    You see how quickly Instagram changes their algorithm! We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation and teaching our brand ambassadors how to leverage these tools.

  • Giveback Program

    Every O’SNAP sale supports amazing charities, and non-profit organizations locally and globally. We are proud to impact millions of people all over the world.

We’re A Brand That Transforms Minds, Bodies & Business Opportunities

The health & wellness industry continues to grow year, over year. By the day, more and more people around the world set out to learn how to live a healthier, more active lifestyle! O’SNAP gives you the ability to turn that passion for healthy living into a meaningful income opportunity.

Our naturally based, clinically proven ingredients provide you with a fun, experiential way to consume your supplements! That means… no more messy powders, sugary gummies or hard to swallow pills.

We offer a generous compensation plan with 9 ways to earn, top of the line training and digital marketing courses, and best of all, a caring and committed leadership team who treat you like family!

After all, this is a family business!

Start Building Your Mind, Body & Business Opportunity Today!